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Send Free text messages to cell phone numbers

If you find some thing interesting on web and want to forward that text to your friends cell phone numbers then txtdrop is a very useful website. “txtdrop” works good for US cell phone numbers. SMS is “Short Messaging Service” protocol used for text messages exchanges in cell phones.

The interface is simple to use just use your email address so that your friend can reply back and enter the phone number and the text to send

Note : No spamming please – It is free of charge for sending the text but be aware that receiver may incur charges depending on their carrier and data plan they have.

If you want to send text messages to international phone numbers say to some one in India you mat try – gizmosms

tech-faq has three categories of sending text (SMS) to cell phone numbers – 1)via Web 2) via IM (Instant Messaging like MSN or Yahoo or GTalk) or 3) via Email client like from your Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo mail account.

Do you use any other service to send text messages ?


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