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USA Immigration Greencard Reform Proposals

Attorney Mike Templo writes in abs-cbn news recaps all the proposals that are still pending with US Senate for approval. This bill as we most of us know is “The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007”. Now that US elections are over we may see some progress in year 2009.

The main proposals of this bill are :

> The Z visa – Eight years illegal immigrants in US can apply for Greencard by paying $2000 fine.

> Point system – The Canadian point system is mimicked to replace current EB1, EB2, EB3 based employment based green card. We know how much painful the current system is that it is taking 11 to 16 years for a computer engineer from India to get greencard for skilled workers.Points are awarded based on the level of education (Graduate or High school), work experience, English language skills, family connections, and job offer. The current perm labor certification process would be eliminated.

> Guest worker program – A two years “Y” visa for illegal workers.

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