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As Life Goes Digital

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Workaround – Youtube video buffering, slowing down problems

Even on high speed Internet connection some Youtube videos streaming seems slow, Here is one video that my toddler likes from Youtube and it always have buffering problems.

Wall-E and Eva HD Image
The 2 million views popular WALL-E video always have buffering problem on my computer – See the white dotted circle at the center, It takes for ever to complete the video. Here is HD Quality WALL-E YouTube link

To workaround this problem there are few options that I tried –

> Streaming Accelerator software
> Give the highest priority for Browser
> Download Youtube videos to hard drive

Streaming Accelerator software: The popular software is “SpeedBit Video Accelerator”. It is free download but requires installation. It did reduce some of the video freezes and buffering problems but not to my 100% satisfaction. Good thing is that you can use this software for other video sites like Metacafe and Dailymotion

– Change the priority of your internet browser using task manager (Task manager can be launched by pressing ctrl+alt+del on your keyboard), On process tab and set iexplorer.exe to “High Priority” by right clicking it and carrying out the action as shown in the picture below

Downloading Youtube videos : Why a download is required if online streaming is available ? Reason – 1) Buffering problems, 2) Watch them on Plane during travel when one is in offline mode, 3) Didn’t want to give my kid the Youtube URL so that she may accidentally see all harmful related videos or ads that is not appropriate for her age. 4) Collect all similar clips and make my own short personal collection.

So many reasons. I searched for download link on Youtube and didn’t find any to my surprise. But looking around on web found why Google did not give the option of Youtube videos downloads because – 1) It looses online traffic and thus the ad revenue and 2) May be the copy righted material gets copied again and again.

Whatever the reasons ..Here is one easy to use site that downloads Youtube videos :

Just enter the url of Youtube and select the quality of video download. That’s it you have your video on the hard drive. The size of video is in MP4 format and size depends on the video length in Youtube. No software installation required.

I’ll cover other Youtube video download options in future posts. If you know any good ones please share !!

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