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2008 Traffic Stats For "As Life Goes Digital"

As we are wrapping up 2008, Here are few visitor traffic stats to share with you all –

The stats snapshot of “As Life Goes Digital” – More than Half a million visitors in year 2008.

Partial 2007: 416,784 Visits ( 1,142 Visits / Day) , 800,000 Page Views
2008: 650,304 Visits ( 1,781.65 Visits / Day)

My top two most popular traffic posts :

> Tax rebate/refund checks – $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples ?
> Sweet Tomatoes Coupons Free Buy One Get One

Here are remaining posts list with page views –

Where did I get the traffic from ? Most of the traffic (80%) came from Google.

The above stats are all from Google Analytics. This year the email subscriptions rose to 800 plus members. Goal is to increase this number to 5000 plus by writing useful quality posts. Hope 2009 is a bright year for “As Life Goes Digital” site.

Thank you all for the 2008 traffic.

Please do share your website stats if you have any


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