As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Free Gyration Pro Gyrotransport after Mail-In-Rebate is having $99.99 Gyration Pro Gyrotransport free after Mail-In-Rebate.

(Usually mail-in-rebate deals are cumbersome in sending the documentation but this particular technology is worth looking into as MIR is $99.99)

“Gyration Pro Gyrotransport” is alternative to computer mouse which has risks for tennis-elbow-like condition sometimes called “mouse arm,”. This is useful for the people who are on go and uses/prepares lots of presentations like students or professionals.

CNet has a neat review of all the uses this technology offers –

Controlling the cursor is accomplished by moving your wrist. The required motion is subtle, but it can be adjusted, just like with any other mouse, from the Windows control panel, to allow for increased or decreased sensitivity in mouse movement. By default, the mouse cursor won’t move unless your thumb is holding down an activation button on the top of the mouse. Press the thumb button, move the cursor where you want it, then release the button to keep the cursor in place while you click the left or right mouse buttons, which are also thumb controlled and located on the top of the Gyrotransport. It may sound complicated, but as a long-time gyroscopic mouse user, it’s actually very intuitive after a day or two of practice. Freeform control is also available by double-clicking the thumb button.


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