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Free Microsoft Hyper-V Ten hours eLearning Access code

Virtualization is a very useful concept in computers that provides a complete simulation of the underlying hardware. Like one can simulate easily the Windows Vista or XP Operating system using this concept. In this virtual environment all software capable of execution on the raw hardware can be run in the virtual machine.

Hyper-V belongs to this cadre,

It is a thin layer of software between the hardware and the Operating System (OS) that allows multiple instances of an OS to run, unmodified, on a single physical server at the same time.Microsoft Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian,formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, is a hypervisor-based virtualization system for x64 systems.Hyper-V, like Virtual Server 2005 and Virtual PC 2003/2007, saves each Guest OS to a single file with the extension.

If you are into Microsoft Certification exams then 70-652 is the course for Windows Server Virtualization, Configuring .

Microsoft eLearning has this course for $160. Use 9350-Y2W6-3676 at eLearning access page to get this course for free.

The course is collection of five two-hour courses helps you develop the skills necessary for implementing and managing Hyper-V in an IT environment; as well as, creating and managing virtual machines and hosts in a virtual environment.

These are the free eLearning courses – Course 6320: Introducing the Hyper-V Technology, Course 6321: Configuring a Virtual Environment, Course 6322: Deploying Systems in a Virtual Environment, Course 6323: Optimizing a Virtual Environment and Course 6324: Managing a Virtual Environment by using SCVMM.

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