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Free Novartis Benefiber Flavored Stick Packs

Novartis brand makes Benefiber powder and Flavored Stick Packs that helps to include include more fiber in the diet plan for digestive health. Benefiber Powder is flavor free and can be used in liquids (except carbonated beverages) and soft foods without changing the taste or texture. Shelf life of 2 years. Note: Benefiber sticks are not recommended for carbonated beverages.

Here is the free sample offering from Walmart :

New BenefiberĀ® Sticks
These single-serving, on-the-go packs provide a unique and convenient way for you to get the fiber you need on your schedule.

* 100%-natural fiber ingredient
* Convenient and portable packs
* Premeasured for easy use
* Dissolves completely in beverages* and soft foods
* Now available in Walmart stores

*Not recommended for carbonated beverages.

If you have questions about Benefiber then you should take a look at Benefiber FAQ page.

Novartis is the common household name that makes generic drugs and formerly owned the Gerber Products Company, a major infant and baby products producer, but sold it to Nestle on 1 September 2007.


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