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Greencard typo costs driver's license

Karla Cunningham’s Greencard has one mis-typed letter that almost costed her Indiana’s driver’s license. Fox reports that Karla, a Jamaican citizen became US permanent resident at age 5. She had in her name one letter mistyped – instead of Karla, the greencard has it karia. (“L” instead of “i”). The trouble started when she relocated from Kentucky state to Indian state.

As per Indian state rules , she applied for driving license that’s where her application was denied because of a typo in her green card. This case highlights how important are the names on identification cards like – Greencard. For Karla it took almost a year to resolve this issue with the DMV.

Make sure all your names (including the long Indian family names) are correct on Greencards. Otherwise we very know how crippled the working person in US is without a valid driving license.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 24, 2008 | Categories: Immigration
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