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H1B, Offshoring – Top 2008 IT trend

Zdnet rated Offshoring, H1-Bs as top IT trends for year 2008.

Two different contradicting stories on H1-Bs are highlighted in ZdNet article – 1) High wage IT jobs moving to low wage countries like India 2) US employers finding shortage of IT professions to hire in US.

There has been reports that employers are abusing H1-B system by hiring foreign workers at low wages though US workers are available for same position.

Besides H1-B, Other trends include, 1) IT is surviving the current financial crisis, 3) Go virtual and mobile office to realize cost savings for employers. 4) “Green IT” theme picking up slowly. 5) PCs become efficient and cheaper.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 9, 2008 | Categories: H1B, Immigration

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