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iPod touch (in)Completed Me – Review

iPod touch — Its a iPod with Wi-Fi and effective app support.

iPod Touch 2nd Gen Review
This is how “As Life Goes Digital” looks on my Safari iPod Touch browser. This is the horizontal view

Why did you buy iPod Touch?

I need a compact internet surfing device. Smart Phones to be precise but the monthly subscription service of $30 is overhead. In office anyway there is access to internet. At home or the third place (coffee house like say Starbucks) usually have wi-fi which is more than enough to get connected to external world. If you are always away from home then iPhone may be the best option.

Why iPod touch 2nd gen ?

Because its latest :). The big diff between 1st Gen touch and 2nd Gen touch is added speaker with volume controls. As a person who hates putting ear phones, the 2nd gen is idle pick.

How is the first Apple gadget experience ?

This is my first ever Apple product. Being a deals guy and who is not that into music listening mania, I kept myself away from iPod instead bought some cheap creative MP3 player I hardly used. Now after owning iPod touch, I feel what I miss – the design aesthetics of Apple right from packaging box to the gadget. Easily fits into two hands for good browsing experience. The home control at the bottom of the device take you to home screen where ever you are. The gadget comes up with default icons that can do most of daily tasks. The shiny curvy design feels like you will drop it easily so i went and bought 2nd gen cases to protect my investment along with screen protector.

How is iPod touch Wi-Fi ?

Easy to configure. Comes with pre-loaded Safari browser which appears as icon on the top of screen. Quick time and some Adobe flash versions work but not all versions. This allowed me to listen to all best podcasts like WSJ (Wall Street Journal’s) with touch of a button. The speaker is good with no need for ear phones. Youtube videos can be watched with high quality resolutions. While surfing one can tilt the screen and browser rotates accordingly. I preferred more horizontal wide screen browsing rather than a vertical limited text reading. I felt that was one awesome feature.

What’s the battery life like ?

If you play lots of videos then the downside is that battery drains out quickly. If you are browsing then its not that significant. With videos I have observed that in 2 or 3 hours low battery pops out. The only way to charge is with USB cord given with the box. It is better idea to buy a power outlet USB iPod touch charge.

Why are people so crazy about iTunes and iPod music ?

Now I understand that all media players lack good music management application. iTunes filled that gap and when ever the device is synced it downloads all music and videos available in iTunes. Make sure you register the iPod otherwise the synch may not happen if you download some games off iTunes store. More than a music player the idea of music management is ultimate killer app that made people buy millions of iPods.

How’z the gaming experience ?

The one I bought came with free $7 worth down loadable EA – Spores. The game selection is key and I liked playing the game with tilting and making this one organism to evolve as you explore more levels.

What is Apple App store ?

Apple unveiled one more best application management system where developers publish their apps and users go buy or install freely these apps with a click. The App store icon on the screen lets you choose category like entertainment, productivity with top tabs as “Top Paid” or “Top Free”. The user reviews and information about app helps us decide what app to install. As you install the apps keeping adding to the screen. By just sliding your finger on the screen can go to next page of the screen to launch the apps.

What Apps you downloaded?

Email – Now I can access Gmail and Hotmail with few clicks.
Weather – The winter storm warnings are now on finger tips. The sucking weather makes it more sick seeing these updates regularly.
Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter – Social networking tools. Easy to update and to write on others walls
Flixstar – A movie info. app. This helped me to pick top rated DVDs for rent released this week. My Blockbuster rental subscription is now produtive.
WritePad – A hand-writing recognition tool not at its best but I’m exploring it.

Now, What you didn’t like of iPod touch?

> No copy paste functionality – We cannot copy and paste text into the same app or other apps. Meaning If I find something interesting its read only I cannot do anything with that not even copy urls to send via email. This is the most required feature that Apple iPod touch is missing.

> No multitasking – Only one app can be opened – While I’m listening to podcasts online from WSJ, I cannot go do browsing other sites. meaning I can do only one task at a time. There is a twist if you listen to music from iTunes then you can do browsing and all that.

> Too delicate – I developed a phobia that I’ll drop it because of its smooth and thin surfaces. Once i got my case I was happy.

> Its expensive – $220 for 2nd gen iPod touch I feel its a bit expensive.

Finally, tell the truth why an expensive gadget?

Okay, I was getting Bestbuy $50 giftcard, one free EA Spore’s game and I had couple of other Gift cards from Bestbuy to redeem so I got the iPod touch in a deal so effectively for $170, I wish Apple introduce coupons in near future.

$50 gift card is expired now. Check the Bestbuy link here

Please share your goodies or rants, if you have iPod touch or iPhone


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 24, 2008 | Categories: Apple

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