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January 2009 Visa Bulletin India dates

The January 2009 visa bulletin is posted by Mumbai consulate today. EB2 advanced by 1 month EB3 dates 15 days – EB2 dates are now 1 July 2003 where as EB3 its 15 October 2001. There are no surprises as holidays and November, December bulletins showed no signs of any big advancement. For US employment based GC applications these dates are very important for persons to go to next stage of US green card process.

Obama is electing US border state Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to head Homeland Security department. Also the immigration is in top 10 list of Obama administration. So we may see some progress when Obama official starts office on january 20 2009.

Visa bulletin can be found here.
Note : E1, E2, E3 dates are employment based categories-

Cut Off Dates – U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, India via kwout

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 10, 2008 | Categories: Immigration, VisaBulletin

0 Responses to January 2009 Visa Bulletin India dates

  1. Anonymous says:


    Any predictions for feb visa bulletin appreciated


  2. Kalyan says:

    My guess is Feb dates will be same as Jan 2009 VB dates. The president takes office on Jan 20th and Feb bulletin will be released around Jan 10 to 15 dates. as from the news, Obama and the team is busy with stimulus package and other high priority US economy issues and I feel the retrogression situation may continue another few months. What do others think ?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont think work in a government agency comes to a standstill during inauguration. It all depends on the visa date availability.

  4. Kalyan says:

    Yes not to a standstill .. But no major decisions will be taken I guess like making the numbers current or advancing dates significantly is a distant shot during the home land security teams transition. If any progress to be seen I feel it will be on the months closer to the date when fiscal year ends around August ..September of 2009. That is the time the department will be cautious not to leave any unused visa numbers.

  5. Srichicago says:

    In each new Congress, the first ten bills introduced typically act as placeholders for upcoming priority legislation. Inclusion in this elite group signifies the high priority placed on the legislation by the congressional leadership. This year, Senate Bill 9 (S.9) – introduced today – is the immigration legislation placeholder. This makes it clear that comprehensive immigration reform is a major priority for the new Congress

    This is a very strong indication that the Congressional leadership considers immigration reform legislation one of their highest priorities. so fully expect to see a comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced soon and expect to see it considered. What, if anything, will pass and become law is unknown and will depend on the political maneuverings at that time.

    Yesterday,H. Reid introduced CIR in the senate. Immigration legislation has been prioritised for this session(top 10 bills).

    Personally, I think the odds strongly favor passage of an immigration reform bill that, at a minimum, will provide H1b and immigrant quota relief. So make your 485 docs ready, if you are not done it already

  6. Kalyan says:

    @Srichicago That’s good news .. as always fingers crossed wait for the day .. when all this would become a reality. CIR is the last resort for all these GC problems.

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