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Mumbai, India attacks in pictures

The brutal attack is now declared complete as Indian commandos cleaned up the operation after 3 days. Reports say Gun men came in boats from Pakistan and did this deadliest act of killing 175 plus people including foreigners who are visiting India.

Mumbai attacks location
Courtesy: BBC.Co.UK – Two hotels, a major railway station, a hospital and a Jewish centre. Here is image source Mumbai’s shooting location

22 foreigners are known to have died, including victims from Israel, the US, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Singapore, Thailand and France. One Briton, Andreas Liveras, was also killed. has 35 pictures with high resolution and the photos are nicely censored to leave out graphic photos to viewers discretion and an explicit “view” action to view them. I sometimes feel Indian press should follow these measures as not to show all those disturbing graphic images to viewers.

Here are picture links from Rediff (Some of them may be very graphic) – Remembering those we lost ,Commandos exchange guns for roses ,Silence, then the tears came welling down ,‘Shouldn’t Narendrabhai have waited?’ ,Nation bids Karkare farewell ,The NSG triumphs against terror ,New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg mourns for the victims of Mumbai ,NSG men storm Nariman House ,Rescued from the Oberoi! ,Commandos crush terrorists ,The day after terror struck Mumbai ,The Battle at Nariman House ,After the rescue, the death count ,NSG men storm Nariman House ,Bloomberg mourns for Mumbain ,Trident under attack ,Army out, gunbattle rages on ,Landmarks that were attacked ,Terror at the Taj ,Aah Taj! ,Encounter on Marine Drive ,Terrorist strikes CST station ,Mumbai bleeds again


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