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Send "YouTube" Video as "greeting card" for Holidays

Surprise your friends with new way of video greeting cards. If you know your friends likes and dislikes then please or annoy him/her with youtube video greeting cards.

Here is step by step process of sending a “you tube” video greeting card.

> First find a video from, I’ve selected the all-time youtube famous “Evolution of Dance” clip by Judson Laipply. In this masterpiece Judson performs dance moves for 12 songs starting from year 1953 with Elvis song “Hound dog” to year 2000 “Bye Bye Bye” song of N’Sync. Here are wikipedia details of this highly rated video.

For sending this video – Check “Send This Video as Greeting Card” link right below share options as highlighted below.

Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply
The 107 million views popular Evolution Video of Judson is selected to send as greeting card – See the yellow highlighted linkHere is the video link from youtube

> Select the Holiday theme and enter your personal message as below.

Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply
Select the theme – I choose “Happy Holidays” theme and add your personal message – Friends of this site – wish you a happy and safe holidays

> Add Recipients and click send

Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply
After adding recipients addresses just click send

> Finally if you want to add your liked music touch to your video then use – audioswap_about

Source : You Tube Video blog


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  1. Rajesh says:

    i didn’t know that.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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