As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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$199 worth SAT/ACT Prep programs Free for Military families

This deals is sponsored by NFL players and are available to the person or anyone in his/her family ever served in the US military.

Three different prep programs are discounted –

> The Standard PowerPrepT – retail $199.95 – FREE (you pay only shipping and handling)
> The Combo Premium PowerPrepT – retail $599.95 – you pay only $75.00
> The Premium PowerPrepT – retail $299.95 – you pay only $50.00

Eligibility criteria to obtain the codes :

The military is the largest sponsored group. With help from the DoD, the sponsorship was extended to millions of service members worldwide. This includes active, retired, reserve, guard, veterans, JROTC, and the dependents & family members of each group.

Here is the website with discount details.

Here is the other direct DOD link.


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