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Beware : Circuit City Liquidation Sales

Now that we know Circuit city is liquidating all its stores, Is it worth to grab these deals ? Check this video below from ABCNews in regards to Circuit City liquidation. To sum-up, Its not any more Circuit city (CC) that’s giving advertised discount prices but Hilco which bought all the stuff from CC and is likely to make money on this inventory. All the goods are priced high ? May be not but check the price from other stores like Bestbuy before you make a purchase as the purchase is final with liquidators and no returns are accepted. Don’t get tricked by big deal signs – 70% Off, 60% Off & “WAS XXX NOW YYY” price tags.

If you questions of what happens to CC gift cards then check this FAQ from Circuit City.

ABC News Spy video at Circuit City Liquidation stores video


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 19, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews

0 Responses to Beware : Circuit City Liquidation Sales

  1. kaddie says:

    Thank you. I hope that others are listening and the clerks at my local Circuit City in Cincinnati told me the same thing that the clerk in this video said. And they were right!!!

  2. Kalyan says:

    @kaddie – thanks for sharing your experience. My first experience was with LNT (Linen-N-Things) “Going Out Of business” in Chicago. The prices were so high and it made no sense to shop there. I would note the prices of Circuit city and compare with other stores.

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