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Free Amazon Music Sampler – Green Hill

In this free sampler Amazon is showing off the work of three great artists – Jack Jezzro, David Arkenstone and David Lyndon Huff.

Here is the free download link.

1. Romance In Rio – Jack Jezzro 4:25
2. Santa Lucia – Jack Jezzro 3:44
3. Over The Hills – David Arkenstone 5:54
4. New Love – David Arkenstone 4:36
5. Fresh Air – David Lyndon Huff 6:33

Here are some details of the artists from one of the Amazon reviews –

Guitarist/composer Jack Jezzro’s Romance In Rio and Santa Lucia tracks are excellent examples of his guitar works. Listening to these tracks, it’s not hard to understand why this studio musician was a Grammy nominee. His Romance in Rio is the title track from his Romance In Rio offering, and Santa Lucia can be found on a number of variations on his albums, including Guitar Romance.

David Arkenstone has long been a personal favorite, and the main reason that I wanted to hear this sampler. Arkenstone had two Grammy nominations in 2002, and it’s good to see that he hasn’t lost his touch. The Over The Hills track came from his Spirit Of Ireland. It starts off slowly with a kind of mystical Celtic feel, then picks up with the sounds of Irish bodhrán drumming and heavy use of the violin or fiddle. It’s a great musical interpretation of Ireland, as is New Love, which came from his Celtic Romance offering.

Fresh Air, from David Lyndon Huff, was a new one for me, as I hadn’t heard his work before. This track is from his Sound Therapy: Tranquility album, and this one’s going on my “must have” list.


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