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Google Trend Mystery – ✈ ▌▌ Recognize it?

Today’s Google trends (shows most searched words in showed this weird sign ✈ ▌▌ – flight going towards two buildings. Like 9/11 attack. I’ve searched Google web, Images and even news and found nothing …. in trends it shows “intermittent explosive disorder” .. So what are these symbols ? Looks like a prank that made it to Google trends. If you know more let us know.

Here are some images off the trends –

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 7, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews

0 Responses to Google Trend Mystery – ✈ ▌▌ Recognize it?

  1. Kalyan says:

    Valleywag unveiled the coup – “A user on eBaum’s World, a site which posts pictures and invites often profane discussion, suggested his peers search on a string of icons — “✈ ▌▌” — and thereby launch it onto Google Trends, the search engine’s tracker for swiftly rising Internet phenomena.”

  2. Vijay Somu says:

    Hi Kalyan,

    I live in chicago as well…was wondering if you know of anyone or any (cheap and reliable) service that will help structuring MBA essays?

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  3. Kalyan says:

    Thanks Pavan for the telegraph link Google Trend link.

    I heard about Swastika goof up but this info in the link is new to me – “People typing “miserable failure” into Google in 2003 were directed to George W Bush’s biography on the White House website.”

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