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Indian MBA 2008 placements & Salaries – IIMs and others

MBA is a sought-after graduate program because of its demand even in slump times like in 2008. Here is a good data from MINT – A WSJ publication Indian site.

If you are MBA graduate or an a student deciding to join B-schools in India, this analysis gives some idea of what schools to join based on the salaries or placements or the industry wise.

Here are my few observations :


> Except IIM-A, The highest Indian salaries rose for all B-Schools meaning MBA grads got paid highest record salaries in year 2008.

> The highest salary of Indian 70 laks and US- $360K is paid to IIM-A graduate

> The average salaries in all top Indian B-Schools were around 17 laks where as US is around $80K

Placements in US companies

> One in four students placed at overseas
> IIM Bangalore tops the list with 52% placements overseas.

Note : The data is from May 2008. I’m looking forward to see what happened to MBA placements data when the financial meltdown happened around July/August of 2008.

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