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List of Hot Apple's Macworld 2009 releases

Steve Job’s retirement from Macworld conferences after 11 years news probably depressed all Apple fans but Apple updates and releases seems impressive:

Here are some of the highlights : I liked DRM-free iTunes downloads.

> iPhoto – iLife software is updated with toe key features – faces and places. Faces feature uses facial recognition capabilities. All photos scanned and recognizes the persons face for labeling. Once labeled it can be categorized under names. Places tag the location in iPhone using GPS capabilities

> iMovie – An amateurish shaking video can be stabilized now with the new faeture added in iMovie software.

> iwork – Apple Docs – A rival for Google docs – A new look that includes word, spreadsheets and presentations.

> MacBook pro – World Thinnest Laptop got more lighter – 17-inch Macbook pro is 6.6 pounds only. New battery runs 8-hours on single charge.

> iTunes – pricing change – 69 and 129 cents priced songs. All the songs will be offered DRM-free meaning no anti-copying software. So You can now go copy your friend iTunes into your iPod ? Interesting

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 12, 2009 | Categories: Apple

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