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MBA Application Essay Resources Free & Paid List

Vijay Somu sent a comment request asking for MBA Essays Help resources

I live in Chicago as well…was wondering if you know of anyone or any (cheap and reliable) service that will help structuring MBA essays?

Vijay, I heard good things about ClearEdits they have five day demo otherwise the cost is $80. ClearEdit can help avoid some of common mistakes referred to as writer’s block and may help you in structuring issues.

Here are some other resources I myself looked in the past for MBA Application essays –

> EssayEdge – Free Courses from EssayEdge
> Accepted Admissions – Sample EssayEdge essays of students who got selected in Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, ULCA and others
> MBA Essays 101
> Many Free Sample essays from MBAGamePlan
> Wharton Student2Student forums – On the left hand side are the topics, click the topics and get the tips that students shared for essays help
> Many useful MBA Studio Plan Essay resources

The MBA Admissions Studio: MBA Admissions Consulting and Essay Editing via kwout

Do you know of any MBA Essays resources, Please share with us

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