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Obama inauguration Live streaming iPhone & iPod Touch

What are options of watching Obama’s historic inauguration on your mobile – iphone or iPod touch ? Two ways – 1)UStream, and 2) OrbLive.

Ustream : Tech Crunch has details listed that by sending “iPhone” or “iPod touch” identifier to “UStream” will enable the viewers watch this event on these devices.

Instructions for preview:

1) Plug the iPhone into your computer
2) Wait for the iPhone info to appear in iTunes
3) click on the words “Serial Number” to cause it to change to “Identifier”
4) double-click the identifier number (the long string of characters) and then press cmd-C (Mac) or ctrl-C (Windows) to copy it
5) email that identifier to so we can build a custom version for that phone using the iPhone SDK

OrbLive : Lifehacker gave details of how to Jailbreak “iPhone” or “iPod Touch”. This streams live television using “orbLive”

Slingbox : Apple seems not to have yet approved this app but was demonstarted on Macworld 2009. Keep checking for any updates. this is very good option to watch your television on the go.

Here is the slingmedia video :


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 19, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OrbLive is available in AppStore for iPhone 3G. See How it works at

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