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Obama inauguration most watched Web Event

Obama and his love with social networking met one more major milestone on the day he sworn in as 44th president of United States. Obama inauguration was the most-watched live event in the history of the Web. The key to this record web viewership was because Jan 20 2009 was a working day and many people watched this from their office PCs.

Here are some of the stats summary from LATimes and other sources :

> Thousands of pictures uploaded to Flickr, Twitpic and Photobucket
> Twitter reported the peak activity at the time of oath cermony. Twitter blog reported “5x normal tweets-per-second and about 4x tweets-per-minute”

> CNN in partnership with Facebook reported 1.3 million live viewers. The capacity built was around 1 million simultaneous users. I was bumped out few times and had to wait until the space opened up but was quick.

> Mogolus 100,000 simultaneous users

> Hulu (Fox News) and UStream.TV allowed web publishers to embed the stream on their webpages. Viral marketing effect.


Akamai’s usage index, Tuesday’s Web news activity was the fifth-highest peak since the site began tallying news traffic in 2005 — with nearly 5.5 million people visiting online news sites every minute. On election day, which holds the No. 1 spot, that number was 8.5 million

Do you know any other stats that supports – Most Watched Web Event ?


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