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As Life Goes Digital

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PartyCity $10off $30 Superbowl 2009 Coupon

Right timing for Superbowl 2009 which is on Feb 01 2009. This is money saver for those who host Superbowl parties. Partycity is having printable $10off $30 or more purchases that is valid until Feb 01 2009. For those who don’t watch Superbowl I feel its a good deal to buy the party ware for near future birthday or any other parties. The printable coupon link is here

Tip: Use the coupon for multiple times if the total amount exceeds $30. Like say $65, split into two $30, $35 purchases and save $20. Usually I ask my wife to take one purchase on a different credit card and I use a different card.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 27, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews

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