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Simple Camera Settings For Great Photos

Who doesn’t have a camera these days ? I guess everyone but most of us use “Auto” mode and store the memories. To add some life to our photos, I found this website that has easy tips for amateur photographers like me. I own Cannon SD1000 Powershot and DSLR – Cannon Rebel XTi.

Ken Rockwell
a well known photographer has few tips from his various “How to” posts on his website. For amateur photographers these tips will help to take great photos with some minor camera settings changes.

Here are some of camera settings for best photos:

Changing Exposure settings

> For Point & Shoot Cannon cameras –
1) Press FUNC/SET
2) Set to “Manual” by clicking “left” on the controls around “FUNC/SET” button.
3) Change exposure settings – clicking up or down and get to the 0, and click two left to -2/3.

> For DSLR cameras
On DSLRs press the +/- button and spin a dial, or you may need to find a menu on other than Canon and Nikon. Search Ken’s site to see if he mentioned it for your camera, or call Canon at (800) OK-CANON or Nikon at (800) NIKON-UX.

Changing contrast and color settings

> For Point & Shoot Cannon cameras –

1) Press FUNC/SET, click down to the little icon of a tube of paint marked OFF (between AWB and [ * ])
2) Click one to the right to get V, Vivid

> For DSLR cameras –

On DSLRs you’ll find this hidden in other menus.

In Nikon DSLRs it’s hidden under OPTIMIZE IMAGE. Set + Saturation and Color Mode III.

In Canon DSLRs it’s called Picture Styles or Parameters.

For now these are the minor settings courtesy @kenrockwell. If your camera model is other than Cannon or Nikon then search his site if he has settings or search for similar settings in the camera’s manual.

Good luck with your photographs.


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