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Stanza – 2008 Best Free iPod Touch or IPhone App

If you are looking for “Best” (free) apps for iPod touch or iPhone then Bestappever just released their 2008 results. After owning an iPod Touch the biggest puzzle – what apps to install? The App Store application does suggest based on categories but its too much of work to go through 100s of available apps.

So follow the herd and use the best apps rankings to install apps to get maximum benefit.

Here are the results on “Free” category :

Winner – “Stanza”, Category: Books , Notes – Reading electronic books on a mobile device
Nominees – NetNewsWire, PictureDialer, Tap Tap Revenge, Instapaper Free, i. TV, Twitterrific, Joost, Pandora Radio and TapDefense

Note some of them are exclusively for iPhone.

From the nominees my recommended apps are Twitterrific – An app for sending and viewing tweets and NetNewsWire – Mobile Newsgator Feed Demon app

What are some of your most likes free apps ?

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