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Transcripts, Audio MP3 – Symonds McCullum Bashing – "lump of sh.."

Symonds , the bad boy of cricket is again in news when Australia heads for a must-win series – Australia vs. New Zealand. This time the media is radio where Symonds who was drunk gave 25-minute interview to sports comedians Roy & HG. He commented on McCalllum and as well Mathew Hayden’s wife.
Symonds is fined Australian 4000 dollars by Cricket Australia for this incident.

Full MP3 Audio format of Andrew Symonds Radio interview

The McCullm bashing starts at time – “9:20” in the audio

Partial Transcripts of Andrew Symonds Radio interview

Here is the transcript of what he said exactly on the air –

HG: Can I just go out on a limb here and say that this about McCullum being a
New Zealander in my view? I just can’t stand it. I just can’t … haven’t we got
enough people in Australia? The shaky isles, the land of the long white cloud. I’ve
never seen eye to eye with, and I don’t see why our, and I’m going to use a harsh
word here Andrew Symonds. I don’t see why our cricket, our one day of the year,
on this very weekend, when we support everything that’s great about Australia,
that it’s polluted by having a New Zealander involved.

Symonds: I think that’s what, mate. I think that’s exactly what people want us
to do. I think that’s what the hierarchy want us to do, to blame it on New Zealand.

Roy: Well I would blame McCullum in a sense that he could have said no
because I’m not Australian and we would have thought the world of him.

Symonds: Can I just finish there? Excuse me, I don’t want to butt in. But they
try to use him as the out, coz he’s a Kiwi yep? We love to hate them.
But he is the subject. He is the lump of sh*t, sorry, the lump of cow dirt that um,
that people are thinking of.
Now, we get away from that and the actual topic is about playing cricket and
getting yourself into a final.

HG: Thanks very much Andrew. Now two questions that I’ve always wanted to
ask you, and you can speak freely on these. Matthew Hayden’s cooking. Now it
gets a lot of raps but do you think it deserves the big raps?

Symonds: Um … I’ll tell you from actual personal experience. His cooking … I’ve
never been to his place and had a bad, I’ve never been to his place and had a good
place and had a good feed. I’ve always had an exceptional feed.
So um, mind you I have had the odd side glance at his wife which helps the meal
go down, you know, amply.

But he’s never served me a bad meal is my answer to your question.

Andrew Symonds past stints

As this news nicely put life of Symmonds in timeline –

2005: 2005 Ashes Tour after arriving at the ground drunk for a one-dayer against Bangladesh in Cardiff.

2006: Has to be restrained by teammate Michael Clarke during an altercation with a South African rugby player in a Cape Town nightclub.

2007: Slapped in the face by a nightclub patron during the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbean.

JANUARY, 2008: Symonds feels he is hung out to dry by Cricket Australia when Harbhajan escapes with a slap on the wrist for allegedly calling him a monkey
during an explosive SCG Test.

MAY/APRIL, 2008: Symonds and Michael Clarke have a furious exchange in a bar after Clarke sees the allrounder drinking and tells him to go to bed. Symonds
is also fined for being late to training in Barbados, blaming it on a faulty wake-up call.

AUGUST, 2008: Suspended by Cricket Australia on the recommendation of his teammates after going fishing instead of attending a team meeting during Bangladesh series.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2008: Apologises to teammates and insists his “irresponsible” days are behind him.

SEPTEMBER 21: Left behind as his Australian teammates leave for a four- Test tour of India.

OCTOBER 13, 2008: Fails to attend Queensland recovery session.

NOVEMBER 9, 2008: Declares rift with Australian cricket vice-captain Michael Clarke is over and he is mentally fit to wear the baggy green again.

NOVEMBER 17, 2008: Admits he has a problem with excessive drinking.

NOVEMBER 23, 2008: Altercation with a fan who tries to photograph him at the Normandy Hotel in Brisbane.

JANUARY 23, 2009: Labels New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum a “lump of s—” on radio and admits to taking a “side glance” at Matt Hayden’s wife as “it
helps the meal go down amply well”.


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