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The fastest browser award goes to Safari 4

The browser wars intensified when Firefox launched its browser and ended the Internet Explorer monoploly on browsers. Now to the pack of growing popularity is Safari (from Apple), Chrome (From Google) and Opera. Chrome quickly gained market share in recent months. Safari is distributed with all iPhones and iPod Touch apps that made Safari gain significant market share during holiday season.

ZDNet in its results proved that Safari 4 is the fastest browser. Minefield (Firefox 4) , Chrome, Firefox, Opera 9.6 and IE8 followed Safari lead in the order.

Key Points about Safari test from ZDNet –

> Safari is 42 times faster than IE7
> Safari is 6 times faster than IE8.

So IE8 is a lot better browser than IE7.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 26, 2009 | Categories: Apple

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