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As Life Goes Digital

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Google Voice opens to public soon

Google Voice is nothing but a single phone number that can route calls from your work, home and cell phones. So if some one calls you on that single phone number then all the phones configured gets the call. One voice mail to handle. All these voice mails are stored in web account so that you can play back at any time. You configure to receive email alerts that a voice mail is available.

One useful feature while some one is calling you – you get 4 options for the call – “Press 1 to accept, 2 to send to voice mail, 3 to listen in on voice mail, or 4 to accept and record the call.”. The sneaky feature is you can ignore a caller – “If you pressed 3, the call went directly to voice mail, but you could listen in. If you felt that the caller deserved your immediate attention, you could press * to pick up and join the call.”. Customize your voice mail recording based on who is leaving you voice messages.

Google is converting all previous Grand Central accounts to Google Voice.

New features in Google Voice ?

> Voice Mail to text – This is feature where all spoken voice mails are converted to text and sent it to email or via SMS to cell phones.

> Conference calls – Any number of people can call you and you can conference them all

> International calls – Cheap calling 2 cents a minute to France or China, 3 cents to Chile or the Czech Republic. Sweet. 7 cents for India.

> Web Management – Central location to manage all your voice mails and text messages. And Google powered power search to browse through all calls/text messages.

Useful Google Voice Links from Google :

Google Voice’s invitation request

International rates.

– Google’s post about Google Voice


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