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May 2009 Visa Bulletin India Dates – EB3 Unavailable

In May 2009 Visa bulletin the bad news came too early , May 2009 bulletin retrogressed India Employment Third preference to unavailable cut-off date which clearly indicates demand for EB3 numbers – (AOS)adjustment of status cases. May 2009 Bulletin released reflected the big drop not only for India but also to other countries EB3 category as “Unavailable” where as EB2 category for India is at 15FEB04. Remind you that this is just half of the fiscal year for visa numbers and this demand puts water on the hopes of many who are waiting to get US Green Cards.

Why did EB3 become unavailable so early May Bulletin?

This is unexpected and is reported by all immigration lawyers that they have NOT seen such thing happened so early in all of their career.

Shusterman writes :

This is the earliest that the category has become unavailable in my 33 years of practicing immigration law

And it should be noted that USCIS would not stop sending RFEs for all pending i-485 cases even though the EB3 category becomes unavailable. So expect RFEs sent to your employer during these visa numbers “unavailable” times too.

All the best for those who are waiting for dates to become current.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 10, 2009 | Categories: Immigration, VisaBulletin

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