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Paying Taxes to IRS by Credit Cards

The option many of us know to pay taxes is by issuing a check to IRS. What if we don’t have enough money in our checking accounts ? Paying by credit cards is alternative option. IRS has two authorized partners – Official Payments and Link2Gov. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, can be used to pay federal and state income taxes

Before you resort to paying by credit card remember that there is fee 2.49% that is charged. For regular credit card transactions this amount is usually paid by merchants to credit card companies like Visa or Master Card. The IRS reversed this charge to the tax payers. If you are paying $1000 in taxes then $1024.9 is the amount paid through credit cards Note: The credit card fees of $24.9 can be deductible in next year taxes

> Official Payments – You can can pay all states taxes

> Link2Gov – You can pay only these state taxes – New York, North Dakota, Kentucky, Alabama and Kansas

Source : Pay taxes by Credit Cards


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