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As Life Goes Digital

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Free Download 2 Microsoft Books – Terminal Services & Defect Prevention

Microsoft celebrating 25 years of publishing this month is giving away two free e-books. Offer expires May 27 2009.

Two free e-books are Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services & The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention

MSDN blog post is here

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit, by Christa Anderson and Kristin L. Griffin with the Microsoft Presentation Hosted Desktop Virtualization Team (PDF, 38.0 MB). In-depth and comprehensive, this Resource Kit delivers the information you need to set up, deploy, and manage a Terminal Services farm using Windows Server 2008.

The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention, by Marc McDonald, Robert Musson, and Ross Smith (PDF, 4.3 MB). This practical, hands-on guide captures, categorizes, and builds a process of best practices to help avoid creating defects during the development process—rather than fixing them after extensive analysis.


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