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Skype Introduces Screen Sharing, Birthday Reminders

Skype 4.1 Beta available for download now has very useful features added. Of them significant additions are Screen Sharing, Importing Contacts and Birthday Reminders.

Screen Sharing

To start sending your screen, use the “Share” button in the IM typing area, or via the “Call” menu

Importing Contacts

Our current offering of 3 address books has been increased to include email and contact providers such as, Gmail and AOL.

Birthday Reminders

Alerts you when one of your contacts has their birthday date stored in their user profile· The alert will appear at midnight (your local time)
· If you do not use Skype that day, then the alert will not be seen

Source : Skype 4.1 release notes


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 29, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews

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