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Free Google Voice Calls using GUAVA

Many people started receiving their Google Voice invites but a lack of proper app on mobile phone beats the purpose of Google Voice. Though Google Voice mobile site allows access from mobile phones but a neat stand alone app called GUAVA is in beta now. GUAVA meaning GoogleVoice Unauthorized Android Voice Application. Note it works only on Android phones.

GUAVA app benefits –

> Free send/receive calls to any US number from anywhere in the world. (A gizmo5 account is required and one may need to buy credit)
> Send/Read SMS messages.

How to set up a GUAVA –

Software download link –

WiFi connection is required in order to use GUAVA for Google Voice.

> Register at Gizmo5 and get your 10 digit 747 numbers beginning with 747 from

> Signup for Google Voice account and then in the initial setup or in the Settings: Phone section. Select the Gizmo option and enter and validate your Gizmo5 747 number.

> Download GUAVA on Android phone. It’s an .apk file

> Open GUAVA and then enter in your GoogleVoice username, password and phone number. Then enter your Gizmo5 username and password.

I wish some app like this comes on iPod touch.


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