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As Life Goes Digital

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Microsoft's free MVP developer eBook for download

Microsoft put together 17 useful developer articles written by MVPs (Microsoft valued Professional) in this free download.

Here is the download link

In the free developer book:
Title Author
Working with Brownfield Code Donald Belcham (Microsoft MVP)
Beyond C# and VB Ted Neward (Microsoft MVP)
Remaining Valuable to Employers Barry Gervin Billy Hollis Bruce Johnson Scott Howlett Adam Coganand Jonathan Zuck
All I Wanted Was My Data Barry Gervin (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
Efficiency Upgrade Derek Hatchard (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
Getting Started with Continuous Integration Sondre Bjellås (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
On Strike at the Software Factory Daniel Crenna (Microsoft MVP)
C# Features You Should Be Using Ted Neward (Microsoft MVP)
Accelerate Your Coding with Code Snippets Brian Noyes(Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
Is Silverlight 2 Ready for Business Applications? Jonas Follesø (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
Innovate with Silverlight 2 Daniel Crenna (Microsoft MVP)
Real World WPF: Rich UI + HD Gill Cleeren (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)
Hidden Talents Peter Jones
Creating Useful Installers with Custom Actions Christian Jacob
Banking with XML Peter Jones
Sending Email Derek Hatchard (Microsoft Regional Director and MVP)

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