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As Life Goes Digital

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Free Disc Images software "VirtualCD" Download

“Virtual Discs” or “Disc Images” softwares are very handy to extract “iso” images or in backing up your CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray discs. Also the speed is much faster when compared to physical CD/DVD drives in the range 50 times.

“VirtualCD” is the “Virtual Discs” or “Disc Images” software that is available for free download with the following process.

Its polish version website but you get english installer –

> Go to – virtualcd-online
On the page for “Nazwisko: *” Enter your “Name”, “eMail: *” Enter your email address.

> Click “Dalej“

> Click on “Wyslij“ on confirm page

> Check your email for download link and the license key.

Enjoy the free version otherwise would cost $40.

Similar “Virtual Discs” or “Disc Images” tools : Daemon tools, Magic ISO


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