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Free iPhone, iPod Touch Apps – August 28 2009

Free apps show up now and then in App store for iPhone & iPod Touch users. Some times these apps otherwise would cost up to $9.99.

Note the list below are highly rated apps now available for free for limited time

Here is this weekly (August 22 – 28, 2009) round up of free apps –

App Name What App Does? Original Cost Notes
Middow Middow is a navigation app that helps find midpoint when you enter two locations. Useful if you have your friends meet you for lunch or dinner or just meet at midway between the both locations. 0.99 Free deal valid only for weekend August 28 to August 30 2009 and price will go back to $0.99
Lemi Lemi is a mind Strategy game app that the goal is to make a grid of zeros by following the game rules. $0.99 None
Alphabetic Alphabetic is a game app for hand eye cordination in pairing up the letters. Check the game rules. $1.99 None
Spacefight Spacefight is a app game to travel in space and shoot the asteroids. $.99 None
Preferans Preferans is a card game similar to bridge $6.99 None
Poker Stacks Poker Stacks is puzzle app – What do you get when you cross Bejeweled with Video Poker? You get a fun and original match style puzzle game. Poker Stacks. $0.99 You make poker hands out of the tiles and they disappear kind of like Tetris.

Note : This is weekly post to collect and present all highly rated free apps

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