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List of MBA GMAT Test Prep companies

Businessweek has a lengthy post of all top GMAT test tutoring companies with their detailed strengths and weaknesses.

Here are highlights –


Smart feedback from the practice exams.
Simulated real time test taking practice.
Cost – The classroom and live online course each cost $1,449. The price for 35 hours of private tutoring is $4,649, and Kaplan books can cost as little as $17.


Only online courses
Cost – 40 hours $890


Nine-week course that is now available in 15 different locations,
live online course with two lecturers, private tutoring, Manhattan GMAT books, or a guided self-study course.
Prices range from $200 for the books and materials to $1,490 for the traditional course.


intensive one-week course, a weekend course, four- and eight-week classes, six weekend sessions, nine live online sessions, and a self-study option.
Prices range from $675 for the self-study package to $1,650 without the early-bird special for the one-week course.


Students can choose from a line of books, an online course, online tutoring, a seven-week classroom program with 21 hours of instruction, and in-person one-on-one and small group tutoring. Course prices range from $132 for the GMAT Express Online course to up to $6,750 for private tutoring. But the traditional seven-week course costs $1,249 in most markets.


Besides the full course, students can sign up for a 36-hour course that is held over two weekends, an intensive course that will have you in class six hours per day for seven days straight, an online course, and Veritas on Demand, which is a self-guided, online course. The price ranges from $1,600 in some markets for the full course to $850 for the online options

Source : BW GMAT Test Prep.


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