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Movie Start Times & Theaters – Google Search

Its always difficult to find movie times and their theaters with one click. My best resource so far has been – but the problem is it lists multiple theaters and only shows Hollywood movies. For south Asian movies Indian Bollywood (Hindi) or Tollywood (Telugu) are not listed in Yahoo movies.

Here is one click easy way to find the movie start times from Google.

Just input movie name and “showtimes” keyword.

So for movie say “Funny People” – In the search box enter Funny People Showtimes. If the location is wrong enter your location in the search result.

Here is the Google search results looks like –

Funny People Show Times
Hollywood – Funny People movie Showtimes
Lov Aaj Kal Show Times
Bollywood (Hindi) – LovAajKal movie Showtimes
Magadheera Show Times
Tollywood (Telugu) Magadheera Movie Showtimes
MagadheeraShowTimes India
Tollywood (Telugu) Magadheera Movie Showtimes from . Input the city location
MagadheeraShowTimes India
Tollywood (Telugu) Magadheera Movie Showtimes from in Hyderabad


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