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Remembering World Cup Cricket 2007 – Is India Repeating The Same in ICC 2009?

After India lost its opening match against Pakistan, The event reminds of India’s dismal exit from World cup 2007. Looks like hitory is repeating now in 2009 –

Here is all compilation of WC 2007 games, reviews –

West Indies VS. Pakistan game review

India loses to Bangladesh – a minnow team that made name and exited India’s chances from World Cup 2007 with this match
Half Time Report – Paper tigers faltered again (Part1 of part2)
Paper tigers faltered again (Part2 of Part2)
– Fans unruly behavior – What happened to Cricket?

Can India make it to Super Eights ? Of-course they did not

How Sri Lanka named its mark in Cricket – Heroes or Zeroes – India vs. Srilanka

India loses to Sri Lanka and exits from World Cup 2007 – Is team India by far the worst team ever?

Team India after early exit from World Cup 2007

My little comic twist – Why India cannot make it to super eights ?

Anil Kumble announces retirement from ODIs – One down Ten to GO!

Super Eights standings

67 runs win by South Africa – A revenge well taken

England was choked to full throttle by Bangladesh

One man (Styris) fight for Kiwi’s win foiled by a Team – Lanka

Unstoppable Aussies wrapped up formalty game before lunch.

NewZealand defeating South Africa gave English one final ‘semi final’ chance

Minnows 101 – How to play cricket ? By Ireland

Srilanka paid price for not playing Vaas and Murali

Proteans Clobber English , English are out of world cup cricket 2007

Irish folded the match quickly to go home and do their full time jobs.

West Indies registered their FIRST win in Super Eights – Credit goes to Bangladesh

Awesome Aussies bowlers butchered black caps (New Zealand) – Match won by 215 runs.

England stopped West Indies team in a thriller

Who will win first semi finals of world cup cricket 2007?

Sri Lanka stomped Kiwis – Sealed their seat in the finals of world cup cricket 2007

South Africa top order crumbled – Australia into Finals

For third time Australia are world cricket champions.


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