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TV channels showing Compaq Cup 2009 matches in US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, UAE and Africa

The Tri-Series between India, Sri Lanka and New Zealand dubbed as Compaq Cup 2009 starts on September 2009. Here is consolidated list of TV channels around the globe that are broadcasting Compaq Cup 2009 series in all continents/countries ( US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, UAE and Africa) and the respective TV channels. Included is the schedule of the channel links with match start times and channel numbers.

US – Direct TV & Dish Network

Direct TV DirectTV is yet announces on its website the package –

Here is the Direct TV Schedule

Previous Cricket Direct TV Channel numbers are 2024, 478 and 479

Dish Network

Dish Network is yet to offer this package but last time because of Zee Sports IPL 2009 was not offered on Dish.

Call Dish Network (USA) and tell customer service that you want cricket – Compaq Cup 2009 (Note there is an ashes series happening currently and make sure it is Tr-Series). Current Dish customers call: 1-888-686-2388
From past experience, usually they start offering the package 3 or 4 days before the event.

Here is pay per view sports events schedule from Dish PPV Dish schedule


Canada – ATN


UK – Sky Sports and BBC – Highlights

Here is TVGuide link

India – Ten Sports

Ten Sports to broadcast all Compaq cup matches in India.

Here is TenSports Channel and schedule link

UAE, Dubai & Middle East – Ten Sports Arab Digital Distribution

If you have Pehla Gold, Pehla Silver and Firstnet Premium subscriptions then you can watch the series live on ten Sports.

Here is an announcement by Arab Digital Distribution (ADD) , the largest pay television management company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Africa – Supersport2

Supersport2 provides coverage for Compaq 2009 matches in Africa continent.

Here is SuperSoprts2 TV Schedule link

New Zealand – Sky Sport3

SKY Network Television provides coverage for Compaq 2009 matches in New Zealand.

Here is Sky sport3 TV Schedule link


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