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Black Friday 2009 Video Camcorders – Pocket, High-Definition – Flip, Sony, Canon, Samsung deals

List of all Camcorder deals from various reatilers – Walmart, Staples, Sears, BestBuy, OfficeDepot, RadioShack.

Pocket Camcorders

Camcorders most in demand now are pocket fit and high-definition for quick video shooting. Flip is the brand that eneterd into this market with their easy to shoot and upload videos to Youtube.

Note: Click column heading once to reorder from highest to lowest. Click twice to reorder from lowest to highest.

Store Feature Brand Description Price
AAFES Hard-Drive JVC JVC 60GB HDD Camcorder $268.00
Best Buy Pocket Insignia Insignia 720p HD Pocket Camcorder $69.99
Best Buy   Samsung Samsung SC-DX103 Camcorder $199.99
Best Buy   Sony Sony Handycam DCR-SX40 Video Camera $199.99
Best Buy   Sony Sony Handycam DCR-SR47 Video Camera $249.99
Best Buy High-Definition Canon Canon Vixia High-Definition HD20 Video Camera $499.99
Costco Pocket Flip Flip Ultra Camcorder $30 off
JC Penney Pocket   Kids’ Digital Camcorder $28.88
K-Mart Pocket Jazz Jazz T20 Digital Pocket Camcorder $19.99
Kohls Pocket   Pocket Digital Camcorder w/ 2″ LCD Screen $39.99
Office Depot High-Definition Ativa Ativa Digital 1080p HD Video Camcorder $89.99
Radio Shack High-Definition Vivitar Vivitar 720p High-Definition Video Camcorder $69.99
Radio Shack High-Definition Sanyo Sanyo 720p High-Definition Video Camcorder $169.99
Sam’s Pocket Samsung Samsung Flash Memory Digital Camcorder w/ Bag $149.00
Sears   Jazz Jazz T20 Digital Camcorder w/ 1.5″ LCD $19.99
Sears   Jazz Jazz T55 Digital Camcorder w/ 2.4″ LCD $49.99
Sears   Samsung Samsung C10 Secure Digital Camcorder $149.99
Sears   Sony Sony DCR-SX40 4GB Digital Camcorder $249.99
Staples Pocket Flip Flip Ultra Pocket Camcorder w/ 2″ LCD $129.99
Staples Hard-Drive Sony Sony Handycam 60GB Hard Drive Camcorder $299.99
Target Pocket Polaroid Polaroid V130 Pocket Digital Camcorder $39.00
Toys R Us     Pink Or Blue Digital Video Camcorder $29.99
Wal-Mart   Samsung Samsung MX20 Flash Memory Camcorder (Red) $149.00


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