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As Life Goes Digital

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Free – Amazon Kindle PC Download & Books

Amazon Kindle

Who doesn’t know Amazon’s Kindle these days ? It is a paperback-size e-Book reader gadget that became so popular as it has same book or real paper reading experience because of its gray-scale electronic ink technology. Kindle connects to online with Sprint’s EV-DO wireless network with out requiring the Kindle owner to pay for any data plan like or cell phones. All it costs is device cost (Kindle 2 costs currently $258) & cost of Kindle Books ($9.99) for each book.

The closest rival to Kindle is Sony’s “Sony Reader” but lacks the huge collection of Amazon’s NY Times best sellers collection.

Kindle Alternative – Free PC download

Amazon now started offering a free Kindle download for PC for Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

If you own Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch then downlaod free Kindle App . Details are here

How-To Get Free Kindle Books

> Click this link and from left side locate ” kindle freebie ” or “kindle” or “Kindle book” tags and check the Kindle books that are priced at $0.00.

> Free Kindle Books link – Just sorted by “low to high ” prices

> Free Classic Kindle Books link – This John Marcus list that has free classic collection of Kindle books.


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