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Dangerous Delhi Kotla Pitch Video Highlights

Delhi’s Frozshah Kotla’s cricket pitch gave boxing blows to Sri Lankan batsman. Dhoni put Sri Lanka to bat in 5th ODI game at Delhi after winning the toss. The general notion is one who bats first in Delhi in the morning has to suffer from fog and visibility issues. But today’s game added one more mix to the game – the newly made wicket at Kotla ground.

Jayasurya got many blows on his knuckles because of unexpected bounces off the wicket. Dilshan’s elbow hit was a major attention drawer to suspend the game. Here goes very bleak chances for Delhi to host World Cup 2011 matches.

Though all the Sri Lankan dismissals as seen from below videos are result of genuine balls. Don’t you think so ?

Who are the losers of the game ?

> The Delhi crowd who planned a Sunday for this match.
> The young Indian cricketers like Raina and others who got a chance to play in the game as the series was already decided in 4th ODI
> The BCCI now has to take the wrath of what ever effects this suspension means to the World Cup 2011 and the India’s brand of hosting matches.
> Hope Sri Lankan injuries are temp. ones and not turn into long term injuries for their star players like Dilshan.
> Waves of suspensions to follow from the groundsman to the senior level authorities who are part of this game at Delhi for 5th ODI.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 27, 2009 | Categories: Cricket

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