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As Life Goes Digital

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Send Holidays Postcards & eCards Free – Google, iPhone & Facebook

Post offices losses are widening as the users are switching from snail mail (printed postal mails) to other electronic media communications – email, Social Networks, Collaborative emails – Google Wave. This holiday season (to bail out post offices ?) Google is offering to send one free holiday postcard on your behalf. This is for US addressees only.

Sending a free printed holiday postcard :

– Go to
– Choose the card design.
– Enter 255 words of message to sender. (Make sure you put your name in this message so that recipient knows who sent the holiday card)
– Enter the postal address of the recipient.
– Press the button “Send Your Card”.

All this convenience from Google’s

Sending a free printed holiday postcard to US Military personnel

For sending a printed postcard to US Military personnel stationed overseas, Here is the link sponsored by Xerox.

Sending digital snail mail (Go Green – If you don’t want a printed holiday card)

Here are some other electronic Holiday greetings sites list :

Elfyourself – You can create a video of up to five elfs.

ecardlets – For iPhone users, this service sends text in a nicely formatted eCard.

Facebook App – Holiday Gifts allows to send free gifts to friends.

Going green and saving trees to reduce paper consumption is the main thought behind digital snail mail. Zumbox is one such company working towards this effort. Digital Snail mail details are here. For each physical address there exists a online address so mails can be sent electronically to the recipients.

Fail mails concepts 🙁

Send tweets by mail – post a printed mail, the site will post a electronic tweet.

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