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Suspended Dangerous Cricket Pitches Grounds – Delhi, Indore & Antigua

Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla’s pitch added to the infamous Suspended Dangerous Cricket Pitches Grounds list.

Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla Ground – December 27 2009

Kotla’s match was called off after Sri Lanka batsman started receiving dangerous bounces off the ground. Sri Lanka were 83/5 when match was canceled.

Here is Scorecard and match details from Cricinfo.

Indore’s cricket Ground – December 25 1997

India vs. Sri Lanka game played on Dec 25, 1997 was canceled after just three overs.

Abounded Match scorecard details are here.

After the third over, both the captains felt that the pitch was dangerous for the players to play on. The match referee then called off the match.

More Details at Wisden

At the end of the third over, the batsmen appealed to umpire Porel, who immediately summoned referee Ahmed Ebrahim of Zimbabwe. Play was suspended and, an hour later, called off, on the grounds that the pitch was crumbling so fast that batting was dangerous.

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua

Second test match between England and West Indies is canceled.

* England 1st innings
* The match was abandoned after ten balls because the bowlers were unable to get any solid footholds in an overly sandy outfield. Alan Hurst, the ICC match referee, ruled: “The ground conditions, and especially the bowlers’ run-ups, were unfit and potentially dangerous and we decided it would not be possible to rectify those fundamental issues over the course of a day or so.”
* The Test was moved to the old Antigua Recreation Ground with play scheduled to start on Sunday, February 15, two days later.
* The statistics from the abandoned Test count towards career records.

Source : Cricinfo


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