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As Life Goes Digital

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Best Stories of the Day January 22 2010

Welcome Back ! The best of the web for the day –

Technology :

  • Two Microsoft UNUSUAL news for today – 1) BillGates is now on twitter 2) Bing search share rising – Google vs. Bing graph .
  • Two USUAL Microsoft news for today – 1) 17 yrs old MS Windows OS bug is hacking prone 2) Windows 7 vs Vista vs Mac OS.
  • Google stunners for today – 1) Disappointing (Analysts) 4th Quarter earnings 2) Youtube is no more flash dependent now supports HTML5
  • Apple rumors continues – 1) Tablet on Verizon ? NYTimes said they are going to do paid content like WSJ & in talks w/ Apple. NYtimes says starting from year 2011.
  • Note from Google Blogger team: Issues with Blogger videos and Picasa BlogThis are now fixed! Thanks everyone for your patience
  • Two improvements to Google search: Highlighting answers in search results and rich snippets for events.


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