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As Life Goes Digital

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Best News Of The Day Feb 10 2010

Welcome Back ! The best of the web for the day –

  • Bush’s Billboard – “Miss Me Yet” is to make a political statement –
  • If you have #Anthem Blue Cross health insurance then this is good news to follow –
  • Apple may reduce #iPad prices if product sales doesn’t go as expected –
  • More Toyota recalls announced. Where to check #Toyota vehicle recall info model and year ?
  • #Comcast name changed to #Xfinity for cable, telephone and Internet services
  • Opportunity cost for eating Free Denny’s Grand slam breakfast (this can apply to any free food that keep us waiting)
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: Super Bowl sets all-time ratings record EwR
  • RT @mashable: Google Buzz: What It Means for Twitter and Facebook –
  • Daddy and Son Brees after #Superbowl picture and video ..
  • #Superbowl 2010 Ads Youtube videos –
  • The #Superbowl 2010 interception that #Colts will remember for ever –
  • Full HD Video recording in new Canon Rebel T2i with 18MP sensor, 1080p – price $800 for only body –
  • EA’s madden franchise #Superbowl prediction of Saints win is right for the sixth time –
  • Countries using/not using metric system picture –
  • nominees for 2010 world car announced –< /li>
  • This as bad as it gets – Windows Phone 7 to drop multitasking?
  • One more award for #Avatar – Most #Pirated Movie on #BitTorrent –
  • 15 interesting #scripts from #Google Code Repository
  • This would turn my Blu-Ray dongle netflix streaming into full HD – Streaming Getting a 1080p Upgrade (Update: Or Not?)
  • How #Retweet voting button is killing #Digg silently –
  • #Motorola #Droid is going to get multi touch in next software update –
  • Question Time : What #Motorola phone does Megan Fox use while bathing in sexy Superbowl 2010 Mot Ad ? MOTOROLA DEVOUR
  • Indian #IT firms recrui ting local US talent –
  • A permanent resident can petition only for a spouse and/or unmarried children. Read more:

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