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IPL, CSK & Pollard Most Searched On Twitter

DFL IPL 2010 amidst controversies rose to top trending topics on Twiiter search page. The trending topics are more towards Chennai Super Kings than Mumbai Indians. Pollard heroics made him name in the final overs. One possible explanation for CSK to tend more is people tweeting Mumbai Indians as separate words. May be Chennai cricket fans are more Twitter friendly than Mumbaikers.

The power of IPL is visible from all social media and their trending topics of IPL finals.

Here is snapshot of Twitter page at the end of game.

From Twitter Scoop the difference between Dhoni and Sachin can be easily seen.

IPL 2010 CSK Dhoni

Twitter Scoop

In Google Search Trends – IPL streaming takes #2 Spot :

In Google hot topics – IPL final is #2.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 25, 2010 | Categories: Cricket, Twitter

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