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Dr. Evil (iPad) vs. Mini Me (iPod Touch)

After three weeks of backlog shipping, Dr. Evil has arrived in email today. Austin Powers movie analogy is right for Apple product line, only difference is that in movie Mini Me was cloned to one eighth of size of Dr. Evil. Apple did a reverse of cloning the iPad (Dr. Evil) from iPod Touch (Mini me) making it bigger by 1/4th size. Out of box there are no surprises except that iPad comes with fully charged battery. Screen shows that it needs iTunes synch. Since my computer’s iTunes is not synced recently with my IPod Touch, all old apps from iTunes got synced with iPad.

Why did you buy iPad?

Probably I’m getting old and I need a bigger screen iPod. When iPad was released back in April I was firm that I don’t need a Mighty Me (iPad) of my Mini Me (iPod Touch). Reading news papers like WSJ and NYTimes on 3.5 inches iTouch is too tiring for eyes. Quick Facebook updates, email snippets and listening to music or podcast are good on a small screen device. Once iPhone iOS 4.0 was announced with goodies like multitasking support , the Apple nerve was hit justifying that except for front facing camera iPad 1G met all hardware requirements that can last long.

Does iPad has inbuilt microphone ?

iPod Touch 2G doesn’t have in-built microphone which is a plus feature for iPad so no need of buying any external expensive microphones. This makes easy for some one making VOIP calls using an app like Skype.

iPad vs iTouch Bluetooth differences ?

The one thing Apple made sure to alienate iPad, iPod Touch devices from iPhone is not supporting Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5) and Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP). This boils down to the fact that you cannot use Bluetooth to make VOIP calls. iPad and iTouch both have Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which helps listen to music using Bluetooth headphones.

Now the difference in Bluetooth of iPad and IPod touch is with Human Interface Device Profile (HID). iPad has HID so that Bluetooth keyboards can be connected to iPad. iPod Touch cannot be connected to Bluetooth keyboards.

Here is the famous Apple support site about Devices bluetooth profiles comparison.

iPad Apps vs. iTouch Apps ?

Some Apps like WSJ are re-designed to take full benefit of 9.7 inches screen size real estate of iPad. Mail is one more iPad designed App that looks very good with navigation and smooth response times. There are only very handful of those Apps available for Free on iPad. iPad does give option of 2x and 1X sizes to see same size or zoomed to fit iPad sizes respectively. Facebook looked awful if zoomed to fit iPad screen. Its better to use web browser for iPad not ready apps.

How does iPad Speakers sound ?

There is no more Music icon on iPad, its called iPod app. Music does sound little resonating with iPad metal when played with turned up volume. iPod Touch is better with speakers.

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