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2010 State Discounted Sales Taxes Dates List

Many states announced their state tax holidays for 2010. The slow economy of last couple years pushed consumers spending to record lows. To get into the deep pockets of consumer many states have a huge discounted sales taxes for year 2010. Bank Rate has compiled the list in easy to use tabular interface with start and end dates. Note that entire sales tax is not discounted but only partial amount like instead of 10% state sales tax, the consumer will pay only 5%. Also it does not apply to all merchandise but very few selected like back to school, clothing and footware for Illinois state.

17 states are participating in year 2010. Tax free holidays are usually in fall which is more favorable with consumers.

Upcoming state sales tax holidays via kwout

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: August 6, 2010 | Categories: Deals

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